Liquid discharging valves V series

Designed to be compact and lightweight, the V series is best suited for mounting in close contact with a robot.

Static mixer

Improves mixing work and prevents environmental pollution with chemicals of short pot life or unwashable mixes.

Replacing-type Mixer

New! Eco-friendly mixer that replaces chemicals without requiring washes or solvents

Rotary static mixer unit

This rotary static mixer unit is an innovate type of mixer that combines the advantages of both dynamic and static mixers.

Type S nozzle

Provided with a highly durable stainless steel needle. Accepts 12 needle sizes (25G to 11G) to accommodate dispensing of even very small amounts of low-viscosity liquids.

Type L nozzle

Provided with a highly durable stainless steel needle. Accepts 6 needle sizes (14G to 7G) to accommodate dispensing of even large amounts of high-viscosity liquids.

Syringe nozzle (Full length 48mm)

Low-cost nozzle with stainless-steel needle bonded to polypropylene boss with epoxy resin. Customized for syringe applications.

Syringe nozzle (Full length 30mm)

Syringe nozzle featuring four-winged and doublethreaded boss to ensure a tight connection with the syringe.

Flexible nozzle

Resin nozzle ideal for anaerobic liquids. The resin needle prevents anaerobic liquids from curing within and enables dispensing in narrow spaces without damaging the product.

Taper nozzle

The tapered tube inside the nozzle ensures smooth liquid flow. Ideal for dispensing of medium- and highviscosity liquids.

Precision taper nozzle

The precisely machined one-piece molded nozzle ensures highly accurate dispensing of very small amounts.

Poly nozzle 1/4″

One-piece molded polyethylene nozzle with taperthreaded connector for 1/4 inch pipe. The tapered tube inside the nozzle reduces resistance and allows for high liquid flow.

Resin nozzle for DV

All-resin nozzles: PTFE nozzle for dispensing anaerobic resins, and POM-BC nozzle for dispensing UV curable resins.

Special nozzle

We offer a wide variety of needle sizes and boss types. We can also provide custom-designed nozzles in any shape to meet your requirements.

PT type (Standard Tanks)

This tank is suitable for liquids of low-to-medium viscosity. No tank stand is required. The liquid flows upward and out through the pipe attached to the top plate of the tank when the tank is pressurized with air.

DFAL type (Tanks with Level Gauge)

To indicate the liquid level, the level-detecting rod (linked to a float) provided at the center of the tank rises and falls as the liquid level changes.

EM type (Tanks with Electric Mixer / Bottom Pressure-feed System)

This tank is equipped with an electric mixer.

MPT type (Tank with Manual Mixer)

An affordable tank ideal for low-viscosity liquids.

KPT type (Cartridge Tank)

Two types of cartridge tank are available: one accommodates a 330ml commercial cartridge (KPT-1); the other uses a liquid-filled PP cartridge.

DPT type (with Direct-coupled Valves)

When used with a tank stand, this compact tank can be directly coupled with our dosing valve or flow valve. The result is a convenient installation without piping.