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The Nu I/II - our flagship model for micro volume discharge is now available in a lineup of NLC-original volumetric (plunger pump) dispensers.

Kappa 5

The "KAPPA Series" is 2-component dispensers for small quantity that have obtained an implicit trust in various industrial fields.

Kappa 5 Dual Servo

The Kappa 5 DUAL SERVO, a variation of the Kappa 5, features dual servo drive and offers improved operability and cost-performance without altering its compactness.

PD Series

A low price enables one dispenser per operator, which improves workability.


A high-precision volumetric metering system that dispenses fixed volumes free from the effects of changes in liquid viscosity.


This 2-component dispenser operates two posi-load metering pumps using a double-rod air cylinder.


Pursuit of versatility, high precision, and ease of operation

TRISTAN 50/100

This volumetric metering type posi-load pump contributes to high-precision metering and dispensing since it is not affected by changes in material viscosity.


These 2-component mixing dispensers incorporate our original plunger pumps in the metering mechanism, featuring simple design and offering functional enhancement.


Featuring NLC's technology for mixing and dispensing minute amounts of 2-component resins

Mu I

High accuracy dispensing in a range as wide as 0.07 to 7 mL!!


Volumetrically dispenses two-component acrylic adhesives directly from pails.

eco-DUO 450

The eco-DUO450 is a 2-component constant-flow volumetric discharging device, newly developed by ViscoTec.

Robot dispenser

2-component resins, accurately discharged from the volumetric metering plunger pump and mixed in the static mixer attached to the robot, are applied through the nozzle mounted after the static mixer on the robot.

Vacuum encapsulating systems

For high quality manufacturing, NLC provides custom-made Vacuum encapsulation systems to your requirement.

Posi-load metering pumps 50/100

The mechanism of this dispenser is simple with a metering section below the tank.


This new general-purpose dispenser offers excellent value. Offering all the essential functions of a barrel dispenser in a compact unit, this general-purpose single-component dispenser represents very good value.


DCOP-D is a dispenser incorporating a dosing valve that opens and closes by air pressure. Liquid dripping can be prevented for accurate operation.

Dispenser for Liquid-filled Tube

Convenient dispensing directly from a tube

Micro plunger pump

This plunger pump, incorporating the volumetric metering system, is capable of discharging small volumes with high precision.


The tank for supply is unnecessary. It supplies directly from a material can.!!

Robot dispenser

Resin accurately metered with the volumetric metering plunger pump is applied through a nozzle attached to the robot.

Screw pump dispenser

Provides accurate metering across a wide range of liquid viscosities.

Eco PEN 300/450/600

The eco-PEN 300/450/600, developed by ViscoTec, is a new and innovative constant-volume volumetric dispenser, suitable for micro-volume dispensing of low to medium viscosity liquids in diverse applications.

Liquid discharging valves V series

Designed to be compact and lightweight, the V series is best suited for mounting in close contact with a robot.

Static mixer

Improves mixing work and prevents environmental pollution with chemicals of short pot life or unwashable mixes.

Replacing-type Mixer

New! Eco-friendly mixer that replaces chemicals without requiring washes or solvents