Posi-load metering pumps 50/100

The mechanism of this dispenser is simple with a metering section below the tank.


This new general-purpose dispenser offers excellent value. Offering all the essential functions of a barrel dispenser in a compact unit, this general-purpose single-component dispenser represents very good value.


DCOP-D is a dispenser incorporating a dosing valve that opens and closes by air pressure. Liquid dripping can be prevented for accurate operation.

Dispenser for Liquid-filled Tube

Convenient dispensing directly from a tube


The tank for supply is unnecessary. It supplies directly from a material can.!!

Robot dispenser

Resin accurately metered with the volumetric metering plunger pump is applied through a nozzle attached to the robot.

Screw pump dispenser

Provides accurate metering across a wide range of liquid viscosities.

Eco PEN 300/450/600

The eco-PEN 300/450/600, developed by ViscoTec, is a new and innovative constant-volume volumetric dispenser, suitable for micro-volume dispensing of low to medium viscosity liquids in diverse applications.